Reasons to Hire a Takedown Service

Info product vendors face unique concerns when it comes to preventing online piracy, especially given how globalized the online economy has become over the past few decades. That doesn’t mean that online content creators have no recourse when it comes to piracy protection, though. When copyright infringement suits are just not a feasible solution, hiring a takedown czar can still get the job done.

Reseller Link Removal

Sites that sell informational products at discounted rates can have a dramatic negative impact on an informational product vendor’s overall sales. Hiring a takedown company to remove reseller links so that potential customers are not directed to illegitimate sources can help.

Keyword Protection

Many online browsers are looking for a way to gain access to valuable info products for free, and free download links can wind up distracting them from legitimate products. Having these removed will ensure that they are directed toward business’s legitimate product pages.

Forum Thread Tracking

Major search engines and news outlets aren’t the only places that consumers find information about info products; often they turn to niche based forums. A piracy protection company can track these forum threads and ensure that readers are being redirected to their clients’ product pages instead of disreputable discount vendors.

Product Launch Guard

Those who have already had some bad experiences with online piracy may want to take extra precautions as they release new products. Thankfully, takedown companies also offer product launch guard services, which can help to keep newly released courses and info products safe from piracy and prevent future misuse.

Reputation Management

Bad reviews and online defamation can play a role in convincing potential customers to look elsewhere for services and info products. Mitigating the damage from bad reviews can be difficult for those who don’t have experience, but companies that offer reputation management services can help to give their clients the blank slate they need to start attracting new customers again.

Get Started Today

Business owners who offer online courses, eBooks, and other info products need not suffer copyright infringement in silence as there are companies out there that can help. Find out more about piracy protection for info product vendors online today to get started.


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